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Nicolette – Wicked Mathematics (Instrumental)

Here’s a single I see for sale pretty much constantly but never cared for… this is mostly due to the vocals on the A side which I absolutely can’t stand. However, I found it yet again last weekend, and decided to give the b side a listen – without the singing on top, this track is actually pretty cool!! Definitely really strange sounding/interesting, which these days is just as important to me as overall tune quality. I’m not claiming this is going to be everyone’s favorite track, but give it a shot if you like weirder tunes. If you do like it, you can nab a copy for less than a cup of coffee (currently 75p on discogs)

Nicolette – Wicked Mathematics (Instrumental)

3 Replies to “Nicolette – Wicked Mathematics (Instrumental)”

  1. Agreed, i always choose the instrumental over the vocal version, the vocal version just doesnt seem to go anywhere or do anything for me. This is by far the better choice & actually one of my favorite tunes 🙂

  2. The Album is actually pretty good too. A couple of amazing tunes on it. Her 2nd album had a dillinja remix of one of the singles too.

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