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FZ – Forbidden Zone

Here’s a cool EP I scored on a trip recently… I’ve been after this for a while, and one of the few advantages of being a total record nerd is that I can easily identify records like this simply by the label even when there’s no info on the record (why it probably managed to sit in a store for ages and ages). This is definitely one of those tunes that I wasn’t sure about when I first heard it, but the weird vocals eventually won me over and I’m totally hooked now. Both sides have a similar song, the primary difference being that the vocals on side A are pitch shifted up while the vocals on side B are pitch shifted down. No idea who made this or if they made any other records, anyone know a bit more about it?

Forbidden Zone – A

6 Replies to “FZ – Forbidden Zone”

  1. this track is amazing

    for some reason i think the “forbidden zone” sample is from an old tom baker doctor who episode though i’m not sure

  2. This has a couple of samples of Nitzer Ebb basslines, “Join in the chant” and “Murderous”.

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