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DA + JMV – Koolectro

Here’s a strange record I took a chance on because I was already buying other tunes from someone selling it…. It’s not technically a 90-95 uk track, but sounds like it and was released around 96 in Canada. The EP features two tracks by the Centurions (which I can’t remember at all), and two tracks by DA + JMV. This track is my favorite – it starts off classic electro, but layers in some filtered mentasms and breaks as it goes on, turning into something between oldskool hardcore and mid-90’s breaks.

The two tracks by DA+JMV on this release were also released on their own single the Koolectro EP which I don’t own, but which combines these two tracks along with two others on the B-side. It seems to go for a fair bit of $$, anyone have this other release and know if the B-side tunes are any good?

DA & JMV – Koolectro

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