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George Peckham (“A Porky Prime Cut”) Interview

Thanks to Eyeski on B2VOS for posting this, great interview w/ George Pekham of “a Porky Prime Cut” fame.

Here’s a Partial Discography of records he’s cut which I’m sure doesn’t even scratch the surface.

8 Replies to “George Peckham (“A Porky Prime Cut”) Interview”

  1. Really interesting video, i had no idea that they cut 14 inch masters in the studio, for some reason i just assumed they would all be 12 inches.

    George seems like a really nice guy too, anyone who thinks music should be made for pleasure and not money is ok in my book.

    If i had to get a master cut i think i’d want him doing it.

    Shame they didnt follow on with what happens once it gets to the pressing factory, it would have been cool to see the press plates and other stuff being made.

  2. great video! i always wondered what ‘a porky prime cut’ referred to, as its scratched into many vinyls i own. and now i know!!

    seems a top geeza too!

  3. I would like to get in touch with George Peckham, if possible hoping that he may be able to assist me with some research that I am doing related to Southern Music and session details. Hoping you can help Thanks, Tony.

    Tony Freer
    Woodstock, Ontario

  4. I always wondered who left the pithy comments on the out track area of my record collection… Great interview, great man, great philosophy.

  5. What a great bloke.
    I wonder if he remembers one Derby day pissing on Tony Stratton Smith from the top of an open topped bus?

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