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Chris Jay – Champion Sound (Devious D remix)

Here’s a wicked track I picked up recently. This is classic 94-95 ragga jungle stuff: mashed amens mixed with the beat used in “Helicopter tune” (I forget the name of it right now). multiple ragga vocal lines, the “ah!” sample as used in Ray Keith – Terrorist. My copy is a little bit worn down so this rip is a bit rough, luckily it’s not too hard to find of a single so anyone looking for a better copy can pony up the dough on discogs or ebay 🙂

Chris Jay put out a number of releases, all on Dubwise Productions (a label he ran with Devious D). Devious D is better know as one half of Jay J and Devious D, who released a number of great singles including (Rock on Time, and Sensational Junglist.

Chris Jay – Champion Sound (Devious D mix)

3 Replies to “Chris Jay – Champion Sound (Devious D remix)”

  1. Nice!

    The ‘You should died when you reach the session’ sample is ninjaman on the ‘Love is not a gamble’ riddim from the tune ‘My weapon’ on Digital B.

    The T-I-G-E-R sample is (obviously) Tiger, and its now wrecking my head because i know the track and can’t place it…

  2. i’m really excited to see him play at Bangface Weekender this year…are you going?

    that record is awesome..i also like the straight from the bedroom record with the come fi kill sample.

  3. Not going to weekender this year, I talked to James about it but I didn’t have time / patience to sort out the whole chalet/going w/ a bunch of other people thing. I still may pop over to a regular Bangface some time later this year, whenever they happen to have an oldskool heavy lineup.

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