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FT & Myth – Straight Up

Here’s a fun track from 93, slightly reminiscent of something on Limited E-Edition. The drums don’t hit particularly hard, it’s just a bunch of crazy vocal loops dumped on top of each other, with a sample occasionally saying (what sounds like) “straight out of the jungle”. Needless to say I totally love crazy stuff like this, tracks where it sounds like someone throwing a bunch of stuff against a wall and seeing what sticks (and maybe using some electrical tape on an off bit which is sliding down the wall not really sticking, to belabor the analogy). As I’ve mentioned before, if anyone has suggestions for strange tracks like this which I haven’t posted yet (check the search box on the right hand side), please drop me an email.

FT & Myth – Straight Up

3 Replies to “FT & Myth – Straight Up”

  1. the vocal sample is indeed ‘straight out the jungle’
    it is taken from The Jungle Brothers “Straight out the Jungle” of the classic hip hop album ‘Done By The Forces of Nature’

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