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Edcase – Ed’s Venture

Here’s a single that typifies what I like to post most on this blog – obscure but excellent singles which are still easy to find for anybody “in the know” enough to be aware of them. Normally I just post one track from an EP, but both sides of this EP are great in their own way. The A side is all about the beats: intricate break switching and layered drums with minimal eerie sci fi sounds on top. The gated vocal breakdown in particular sounds like it could be off of either an early Legend Records or Lucky Spin / Dee Jay records release. In contrast, the B side of this EP is more of a well-rounded track, with some creepy atmospheric bits leading to an uplifting vocal breakdown, followed by some gloriously pitch shifted beats mixed with amens. Surprisingly enough, it appears that one of these songs was used in a 2001 UK horror film named Long Time Dead. Despite track credit in the movie, the song credited on the soundtrack and the soundtrack sampler is a newer song by Ed Case.

Edcase – Ed’s Venture (Side A)
Edcase – Ed’s Venture (Side B)

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