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Smooth But Hazzardous – Push up the Levels

Here’s an ace Ron Wells track currently too rich for my wallet on original press, thankfully it was repressed on both the remix EP plus this excellent comp, both of which I have on vinyl. The tune has all the trademark elements of a Ron Wells / Jack Smooth production (aka “that early Basement sound”), which is a bit hard to describe but which is unmistakable when you hear it – drums propelling the track forward along a 4/4 kick backing + stripped down song structure and melodic elements. Excellent stuff.

Sound quality is getting a bit dire on these rips, new needles this weekend I promise…

Smooth But Hazzardous – Push Up The Levels

3 Replies to “Smooth But Hazzardous – Push up the Levels”

  1. Ruff tune – minimal darkness – something i had to hunt down from ebay after many years of listening to on old Ratty mixes. The equally slick “We are the Creator”, with its Captain Kirk sample off the original release of this tune is also the dogs knackers !! Just checked Discogs and its another 100 pound pocket killer 🙁

  2. yeah, I really want the original with “We are the Creators” on the B side, but no way I’m paying those prices…

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