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Radio Show Archive 18.03.18

Sunday, 18th of March we had another edition of the BTTO Radio Show, blessings to everyone who tuned in and participated in chat. This time we had Yorobi as a special guest going back-to-back with Tim from Tims bedroom, and she even graced us with some mic time. I was hoping for more Tim giggling time, but sadly that didn’t happen. As I was on NyQuil, my participation and memory was a bit hazy.

  Tim and Yorobi had the first hour and I don’t exactly know who played which tune, but there were a fair few fresh tunes in the mix and even a collaborative tune from both of them. My picks from the mix are “Lemon D – In My Life” and “Coco Bryce – Lovin’ U” plus a special mention to “Yorobi & Tim Reaper – Rhodiola”.

  Pete took the second hour with a nice selection with added sprinkles of white labels. I love that Pete has ended with a masher last few. My picks from the mix are “Dillinja – You Don’t Know (Remix)” and “Bizzy B – Crowd Says Rewind Remix”.

Tim Reaper b2b Yorobi 18th March 2018:

Sonar’s Ghost – Exit 13 VIP
Dom & Roland – Dawning
Coco Bryce – Adventures In Perception
Kloke – Artificial Memories
Wishdokta – Subliminal Satisfaction
Dwarde & Tim Reaper – Globex Corp Vol. 5 A1
Badman – War For ’94 (Tango Remix)
Lemon D – In My Life
?? – ??
?? – ??
FFF – Never Let You Fall
Intense – Space Time Continuem
A One Sound – The Tip Off
TDK – Soul Music
DJ Tamsin & The Monk – A Better Place (DJ Crystl Remix)
Coco Bryce – Lovin’ U
Yorobi & Tim Reaper – Rhodiola
System X – Say It
DMS & Boneman X – Catch 22
D To The C – Conscious Livin’
Phineus II – ??
Dub & Wheel – ??

Pete DevNull 18th March 2018:

DJ SS – Breakbeat Pressure (String Of Life Mix)
Dillinja – You Don’t Know (Remix)
Latimore – Right Sound
Parallax – Watercolour
Darren H & Punisher – All Massive Remix
Lee & Tango – Solutions
?? – ??
?? – Globex 4 TP
DJ Junk – George (Amen Mix)
Unit 1 – Untitled
?? – Come Down on Me
Fourth Dimension – Just Play Music
Da Intalex- What You Gonna Do 95 VIP
?? – ??
SE9 Crew – So Sweet
Red Light – Fire
Bizzy B + Marly Marl – Gangster
?? – Trigger Happy Volume 2 TP
?? – ??
Jumpin Jack Frost – Osmosis Remix
?? – ??
?? – ??
Bizzy B – Crowd Says Rewind Remix

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