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Future Viper – Creatures of the Drum pt 3

Normally when I wait this long between tune posts, I try to post something super rare or in-demand or otherwise special. Dunno if this qualifies, but at the least it’s an odd tune which nobody checking this blog has heard before (well, before I played it on BTTO Radio Dec 27th). Certainly wasn’t getting rinsed by Jungle Royalty bitd at massive raves, hehe.

Future Viper, aka Oliver Kirwa, was more of a hardcore and gabber producer, as well as developing some quite cool looking C64 games. This is the only jungle track on the EP, and despite digging for “out there” stuff like this I may have never found if my buddy Crugga didn’t chuck it into an order for me (knowing how much I love odd tunes like this). It’s definitely a jungle track track through and through – chopped amens, subby bass, bleeps heavily reminiscent of YMO (maybe sampled from them?), alternating with a dark ominous bell tone. Nice clean production too. Still, there’s something a bit “off” that makes it not really work as a jungle tune – maybe it’s the super bouncy happy sound of that YMO-ish part. Either way, quite interesting and cool to hear for those who think they have “heard it all”!

Future Viper – Creatures of the Drum 3

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