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Getto Youth – Untitled (Jet Star)

Here’s an underrated whitelabel that used to get played by Brockie and Randall, but I don’t really hear many people playing now. I think maybe Ben Nebkins pointed me to it? Or maybe I grabbed it on my own, I forget now. Either way, it’s not one that would stand out if you’re looking for the craziest, most mashed up or hands in the air tunes out there. Instead, it’s slightly more understated, with this B side being my pick of the two tracks. Utilizing classic vocal snippets from Candi Stanton (also used in Altern8 – Infiltrate 202) and Jocelyn Brown (as in Bizarre Inc – I’m gonna get you), this B side gives us slower, chuggy hardcore with layered breaks, snare rushes, bleeps and bells. Good stuff that stands the test of time well.

Unknown Artist – Untitled (Getto Youth A2)

4 Replies to “Getto Youth – Untitled (Jet Star)”

  1. Sounds like they just ripped off wholesale – I.C.P Free & Equal (Leftfield Remix) came out in ’91

  2. hah crazy, yeah sounds like it’s basically just an edit of that tune with the pads removed and focusing much more heavily on the bell section which is brief in the original remix

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