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Radioactive Kids – Forever

It’s been a few years since I posted a Radioactive Kids related tune, so here’s one that gets a bit overlooked in comparison to the other releases on the label. It’s a bit later on (95) and isn’t as dark or tearout as some of the other tunes I like on there, but it hits that sweet spot between rough and smooth. Laid back melodies combine with chunky, dense, nicely layered breaks which are a little bit more crusty than I’d expect for this kind of tune (but that totally adds to the charm and gives it a bit of a “tough” edge). Discogs has this listed as being by Interception, aka Alex Reece and DJ Pulse, aka the crew behind that “Let Me Know” tune . This would make sense as Alex Reece had at least one other record on the label explicitly credited to him. But the artist on the sleeve is also listed as “A. Wilson”, so not sure if this Interception is another artist altogether, or if Interception was an alias Alex, Pulse and a few other people shared (similar to how Sub Love + Citadel of Kaos personnel changed on diff releases) Regardless, it’s a wicked tune and definitely one to grab!

Interception – Forever

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