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Unknown Artist – 36 Chambers

Here’s a big anonymous jungle whitelabel I’m sure some people will want to track down. I grabbed it on the cheap when buying a bunch of tunes in bulk. Not sure when it’s from: 95? 96? 97? Though the sequencing sounds 95-style to me, it could definitely be a bit later. If anyone remembers when this one first showed up for sale, feel free to leave a comment below. Either way it’s a very nice tear-out jungle tune in the end, absolutely nothing experimental or different going on here, just upfront reece bass and cold sweat break into chopped amens and sub bass highly optimized for the dancefloor. Usually I go for stuff a bit weirder, but there’s no denying these elements work, especially when combined with the classic Wu-tang sample (from the intro of “Clan in Da Front”).

Unknown Artist – 36 Chambers

2 Replies to “Unknown Artist – 36 Chambers”

  1. I bought this in 1996 @ Satellite Records. Pretty sure it was a new release then. I heard a rumor that it’s Ray Keith.

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