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Renegade – Jump

It’s funny how, being in the States, there’s a lot of cool and ridiculously cheap tracks I end up missing out on because 1. I can’t find them here 2. I don’t make it to the UK much and 3. the cost to ship them over from the UK massively dwarfs the record cost itself. Most of these are available in big quantities for next to nothing on sites like discogs/ebay, but it always feels like a bit of a waste spending 99p on a tune combined with 8-10 pounds to ship it over here. Of course, it’s just as silly to spend that amount on postage for a 5-10 pound tune, but for some reason it doesn’t FEEL as bad, so plenty of classy tunes end up slipping through the cracks for me. This is one of those tracks. Thankfully, I finally nabbed a copy here in the US a few weeks ago, and I’m glad I did: It’s a solid 94-95 EP by the same artists behind N-Zo + Invincible – “Ease Yourself”. This one sounds pretty similar beat-wise, but with more layers and effects to the drums (always a plus for me) plus a Lethal Weapon sample in lieu of a melody. Nothing incredibly shocking or out of the ordinary, but definitely a fun banging amen tune for mixing. At under 3 and a half minutes it’s definitely on the short side, but at least there’s no melody to risk clashing with whatever you’re mixing it with.

UK people: feel free to nab this on the cheap, and bask in the glory of being able to get these awesome records without having to have them shipped halfway around the world (or waiting the better part of a decade for a copy to show up for sale on your continent).

Renegade – Jump

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