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Original DJ Vibes – Grown In the Jungle

Here’s a great 94 jungle track by Original DJ Vibes, certainly one of the more underrated and prolific oldskool producers out there. Producing from the early 92 hardcore days (those first few EPs are quite crucial in my view), up through the 96 era, Original DJ Vibes (maybe named such due to the more happy hardcore leaning DJ Vibes who did tunes with Wishdokta?) put out a number of awesome releases on his label Active Recordings. This is a nice representative one: nothing too strange or out there going on in it, just a choice jungle tune which screams “jungle” through and through. Literally, there’s a voice saying “jungle” throughout! The beat programming and sample selection are quality, good structure plus some familiar samples (the classic “too black too strong” line from a Malcolm X speech as used in a bunch of tunes). Plus, like a lot of these Active Recordings releases, it’s pretty cheap and easy to find – definitely one to nab before you go off obscurity hunting for some 80 pound jungle rarity which probably sounds half as good as this.

Original DJ Vibes – Grown in the Jungle

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