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8205-001 Mixrace “Dirty Amen” Back for Sale

Update: All copies have now sold… thanks to everyone for supporting this release!!!

After a long wait, it’s finally here!!!
Though most copies are already spoken for due to preorder, remaining copies of 8205-001 Mixrace “Dirty Amen / Express Yourself Rmx” will go up on the Seventh Storey Projects site at 7am GMT today (Thursday May 22nd), at this link:—dirty-amenexpress-yourself—8205-recordings—limited-edition-12×22-vinyl-59-p.asp
We figure that’s a good time where people won’t be busy – bright and early in the UK, late at night in the US 🙂

Almost all UK/World preorders have shipped – that is, preorders placed through the Seventh Storey projects site. People should start to see their copies soon in the UK, and however long it takes for shipping in other countries. For US orders placed through the Paypal button on my blog, these still need to be delivered to me for remailing. A courier will be sending these US copies to me today, and they can take between 5-10 business days to reach me (eg up to 2 weeks – yikes!). BUT I promise I’ll have these copies in the mail the day after receiving them, and will update everyone in the US when their orders have gone out. If you’re like me hopefully you still think it’s worth it to not have to pay 7-10 pounds just to ship one record over 🙂

As usual, any questions feel free to hit me or Simon up. I hope everyone enjoys the release!

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