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Abyss of Time – Deep Flowin

Here’s a dark German jungle tune from 1995 I took a chance on recently. I’ll admit I hadn’t really heard much about this label before getting this – based on the producer’s site and info on discogs, it seems Outlaw Records were based near Mannheim, part of the Milk! Club scene and started around 94 (pretty early for a non-uk jungle label). This tune is quite sparse but solid: chopped amens and dark pads / leads and not much else save a decent breakdown halfway through. Maybe not the most involved track for listening to end-to-end, but I’ve definitely been having fun mixing it, and it’s quite cheap so a solid purchase for the obscurity seekers. Especially given how rinsed darkside and dark jungle is at the moment, it’s always nice to find those tunes which have flown under the radar and not been played as much (or at all). Based on this EP, I’ll definitely be on the lookout for other releases from the label.

Abyss of Time – Deep Flowin

8 Replies to “Abyss of Time – Deep Flowin”

  1. Away from my usual chin-stroking observations of tight, intense-programmed chopped up amens and time-stretching, tunes like this appealed to me BITD for their simplicity – and sound simply awesome on the dancefloor.

  2. when i buy one copie of this and put vinyl on my turntable, my mind go away 😀 in my opinion very great dark-jungle work. the site Jayze is very old and not visit admin long time ago. i send message Jayze but it returned my email again. Maybe who knows Jayze or Exay and talk about his releases and label ?

  3. @Swipez Yeah exactly, I always reach for super complex mental sounding tunes for but sometimes stuff like this can be way more fun in the mix, and prob a lot easier for listeners to understand when it’s already being layered with a whole other tune in a mix which adds complexity of its own. At the very least it’s prob nice to combine both styles in sets/mixes.

    @Gorn – yeah that site is old, looks like it hasn’t been updated since 2002/2003. I noticed Jayze is on discogs, maybe he’s still active on there?

  4. @Pete, if you see jayze history release his nick is white, on discogs he offline long time ago. very bad 🙁

  5. Ah that;s a shame.
    By the way, big respect to whoever bought that Syndicate record on this same label on discogs today – i was gonna buy it before posting it since it seems quite rare and was reasonably priced (5 pounds), but decided to hold off and see if anyone was motivated based on my post to search out other stuff on the label (vs being happy w/ the one tune). I’m glad someone was, even if it meant I missed out on a rare record 🙂

  6. Been listening to this tune quite a bit lately that MAY have ID’d a nearly two-decade-old tune for me – was in a club (Grooverider playing, I believe) when I heard this drop and then rewound and I thought that the opening pads, especially with the metallic clicks were an attempt at the Full Metal Jacket Soundtrack ‘Leonard’ tune (Private Pyle’s beating,


  7. Haha, yeah, I think I saw you buy up the copy I Was going to buy, after I posted this listing. My mistake, I should have bought it before letting people know about this label / release 🙂

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