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Ride C – Jungle Pressure

Here’s an exceptional underrated 94 banger from a small label called Quality Control. This EP is the first of just a couple releases on that label, and it’s definitely a strong start. On the A side (featured here) we get a deep-n-dark think & cold sweat breakbeat flex-out, drenched in delay with ominous synths and vocal snippets peppererd throughout… a bit reminiscent of DJ Buz “Slave” to my ears, mostly in terms of the sound palette, also because it nails the darker-side-of-jungle sounds at the time. The surface similarity to “slave” is no surprise given the fact that Nico from No U Turn produced and engineered this, and wrote the flip side himself under the alias NKC. Given how cheap this record is, if you like your 94 darkside then this is pretty much a must-buy in my view… check it yourself and see if you agree!

Ride C – Jungle Pressure

4 Replies to “Ride C – Jungle Pressure”

  1. Believe the other release on Quality Control was QC002 – the B side a right amen banger I had on white label which was only recently ID’d as ‘Space + Time’ by the unknown Marx & Triple A. Any info on these artists would be appreciated!

  2. Yes that other release is big, unfortunatey seems to go for a lot more. Definitely interested if anyone has a hookup on a cheap copy 😀

  3. I think I noticed something with this tune. I know I’ve heard that lady moan that goes throughout the tune somewhere else, and I think it’s the bit in Fight Club where you see weird, still, round-panning images of Tyler and Marla fucking and there’s moaning noises on top. This tune sounds like it came out quite a bit before 1998 so maybe they got the moan from a sample pack of sex noises or something for that movie?

  4. heh interesting, yeah might have been a famous sample from an old sample pack, def have heard it in a lot of other tracks.

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