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Under Rhythm – Moving

Here’s a classic example of a tune I might not have appreciated as much were it not for its presence in a mix… in this case, Easygroove played this during his 93 Dance Planet / Pure Energy set, alongside other classic small label jams like Kanata “Soul”, White Sports, the Demons by Daylight ep, etc. Listening to it, it’s clear why he played it: “Moving” is a fast-n-frantic 92-93 hardcore number with noisy effects, heavily layered breaks, and a solid melodic breakdown. It’s also a good 10bpm faster than the other tracks on the same EP. putting it very much in Easygroove set territory. “Moving” is probably my favorite Under Rhythm tune, though their Boyz Dem From Booby Trap EP is also quite nice. The guys who did this EP actually ran the Booby Trap Recordings label themselves, a label which might be notable for its, erm, eye-catching logo (presumably a Vaughn Bode drawing ala Lucky Spin’s logo). They did a number of hardcore/jungle EPs before morphing into the quite big garage/2 step project DEA Project.

Under Rhythm – Moving

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  1. lovin this one. l`ill always be thankful that easygroove can from my local city so got to see him loads back in th eday

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