Guest set on Radio Frontline 10/2/2013 (92/93)

November 3rd, 2013 by Pete

Here’s my set from Sunday… I had a great time playing these tunes!! Because it was getting pretty late, I tried to do upbeat 92-93 stuff, not nearly as dark as I’ve been playing lately. Sort of fun “obscure anthems” if that makes sense?

Big thanks to Radio Frontline for letting me guest, I was tuned in most of the weekend anyway hearing all the other sets. Definitely keep it locked to this station when they broadcast in the future!

Oh yeah, This set is 100% as played on the show, no post processing… levels may be wonky and there’s a few record slips in places. Still quite fun in my opinion.

02.11.2013 – RF – Dev/Null by Www.Radiofrontline.Net on Mixcloud


DevNull – Radio Frontline Guestmix Nov 5th 2013


Rave doctor – Vol 1
N-Joi – Drumstruck
F-Project 8
Bay B Kane – Mystro EP
Acen – Trip to the Moon 3 (request)
The Force – Bust it Like This
DJ Spice – The Groove
?Pure energy 001?
Addiction – Wildstyle
Anti-Chaos – Life Can Begin
Techno Bros – We Are
Wiz – Freak Sexy Style
JBL + Bigga – Respect
Cool Hand Flex – Get Down
Tom + Jerry – Physics
M.A.N.I.C. – feel It (Jungle Mix)
D’Livin – Why (request)
DJ Dub Rush – Zero Zero EP
Aphrodite – Raw Motion
DJ Dynamic + Phuturistic – Kicked Into Orbit
Mega 4 – Gamma Radiation
CMC – Technodrome
Demo + Poet – DJ’s Theme
Sonz of a Loop Da Loop – Bust That Groove
DJ Ivan – Closed Circuit EP
Release – Inner Dream
Aurora – Moons + Melody EP
Joint Project – Dark Rider
Nookie – Acoustic Assault Squad EP
Wax Doctor + Jack Smooth – Unfriendly
STYL – Gammin to the sound
Generation X – Wheel Up
Hyper-On Experience – Thundergrip
Dance Intelligence – EP
Andy C – Bass Logic EP
M-Demm – Energy Rush (Unity 88.4 Mix)
Burning Chrome – Didn’t I Do
Aurora – Firing on All Cylinders
Trance Dance EP


9 Responses to “Guest set on Radio Frontline 10/2/2013 (92/93)”

  1. anubis. says:

    cool stuff, I listened all weekend and heard tons of great sets. Frontline’s got a great thing going on and it was pretty awesome to see you repping on the show.

  2. Antidote says:

    Wicked show Pete.. smashed it hard!

  3. Matt says:

    Can you put up a tracklist? Thanks!

  4. Pete says:

    Just added one, as well as a download link.

  5. Matt says:

    Ace… Of course the track I was most interested in, The Force – Bust it like this, is not on online. Gonna have to buy it!:P

  6. Pete says:

    I know.. the horrors of having to buy a £1.59 (or best offer) tune! Life just isn’t fair sometimes 😀

  7. sean m says:

    got this blasting out in mine at the moment 🙂

  8. bronsen says:

    \o/ This is nice!! /me bounces around the office

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