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Dub Warriors – Rocking Out To The Nation (Chasing Breaks Mix)

Here’s another nice 94-95 tune ripe for the nabbing. Not sure if it turns up in MVE’s and real-life stores as much, but I see this EP for sale a lot online for quite cheap. Like a fair number of jungle tunes at the time, “Rocking Out” effectively combines ragga vocals and slightly rougher amens with moody 94 style pads… not full on crazy rudeboy jungle but not utterly subdued 100% vibe stuff either. Aside from all the familiar elements (pad, ragga vocals, subby bass, amen, think).

Unfortunately no idea about the artist / label… it could be a one-off or another more known producer working under an alias. Gachet played this around 94, but it’s not exactly a well known tune. The other side is solid track as well, reminding me a bit of “deep deadly subs” vibe-wise.

Dub Warriors – Rocking Out To The Nation (Chasing Breaks Mix)

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  1. i played this record on The Smoothie one IDed it in the TLs.

    the label has the same art/logo as the System X records….it sounds like it could be Roger Johnson or something. has that Steet Beats/Spotlight records quality to it.



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