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Uncle 22 – Free

Strictly Hardcore compilations are a goldmine for excellent hardcore/jungle tunes. These comps save you having to dig through the entire back catalogue of Strictly Underground to find the killers – not like that an unpleasant chore, as it’s a solid label, but there is a lot of music to go through. These comps also offer alternative remixes/VIPs of some of the already released tunes, and some of them even have compilation exclusives, like this track by Uncle 22 of Reel 2 Reel/De Underground fame. This one was first put on “Intelligent Drum & Bass Vol. 1”, alongside more lush & atmospheric tracks. It starts off nice & understated with the standard vocal teasing over rolling breaks. When the bassline comes in, it steps it up a notch but then the amen edits hit (you know I’m a sucker for amens) and the tune goes from good to damn good. You think to yourself “Alright, there’s nothing else this tune can do for me”, but when those haunting pads come in on the breakdown and the tune begins to start again? PURE BADNESS.

Uncle 22 – Free
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