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Blog to the Oldskool Radio Sept 30th 2013 (96-98 dnb special)

Here’s the session from last Sunday, rerecorded because I forgot to press “record” when it was live on the air… did this in one take before heading out to a party last night, no volume correction but I cut a couple of offending measures out of the mix before mp3-izing. Overall I’d say it’s a pretty tidy mix given how little I play this stuff now, loads of old favorites I used to love (and still do). Some really huge popular tunes (ending with “lokust rmx” = duh) but also more nerdy selections, including an EP which I think is testpress only that I added to discogs a few years ago.

The mix starts with more laid back/atmospheric tunes before moving into some steppy stuff, but with a few diversions and diversity throughout. Personal track of the mix for me has got to be that Brass Wolf one – a pretty unknown and unappreciated tune from back then, I remember being kind of amazed with the choppy beat patterns when this came out, coupled with the syncopated percussion drum stabs. Sort of a photek-y move but still sounding original and awesome. Also, that Boymerang tune is quite underrated, obviously “Soul Beat Runna” was a bit game changing and everyone loves that Boymerang Break to death (including me) but I’ve always liked this B-side just as much if not more. Again, really interesting choppy beat work despite being in a 97-98 dnb context. There’s loads of good stuff in the mix though, check it out below!


Arcon 2 – Liquid Earth Pt 2
Intense – Dusk Till Dawn
Roupe – On the cusp of Greatness
Melting Pot – Melting Pot
Doc Scott – Tokyo Dawn
Vivid Dreams – Rise Up (Liftin Spirits Remix or Origin Unknown Remix)
Jonny L – Tychtonic Cycle
Mix Race + Proton Iso-Space- Roll With It
PHD + Mc Conrad – Progression Session
Macca – Everyday
Facs – Journey Into Sound
Teebone – No Drum Machine
L Double – All Lighter Massive
Goldie – Manslaughter (The Rider Proto – don’t f**K)
Chronic 7 – Bear Witness
Maximum Style – The Damager
Decoder – Sike
Mainline – URI – Lexis Remix
Photek – Something Else (Bleeps Tune) – 1999 but come on so perfect
Doc Scott – Swarn
Boymerang – Mind Control
Future Forces – Dead By Dawn
J Majik – Subway
Lemon D – Violent Killa
Dom & Roland – The Storm
J Majik – Your Sound Remix
Kinetix – something off Kinetic Art
Dillinja – One out of Many
Ed Rush + Nico – Technology (Boymerang Remix)
Dilinja – Acid Trak
Spidernet – The Sleeper
Brass Wolf – One
Cybotron feat Dillinja – Got To
Neotech – Valves
Photek – Ni Ten Ichi Ryu
Subnation – Scottie (Pt 2)
Souljah – Fade 2 Black
Embee – Power / Knowledge
Hypa Defiance – ?? (Testpress)
Fortran – Search
Panacea – Stormbringer
Ed Rush Optical + Fierce – Locust Remix

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