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Funky T – The Guvnor

Here’s a fun 92 whitelabel I don’t hear much mention of, though Mickey Finn and Kenny Ken both used to play it. The artist behind this (DJ Funky T) went on to do a solid EP on No U Turn, but this one is a bit rougher / definitely 92 white label style. “The Guvnor” has breakbeats ala PBB “Work the Box”, a good female vocal sample, MC snippet from a rave (which one? which MC?), some mental rave synths, and a simple-but-ruff piano line. All the 92 hardcore elements you could ask for!

The other side (“Pure Steain”) is more of an overt sampleadelic mashup, hence the title. That side mixes the pitch-shifted breaks from “Terminator” with the pianos from “Far Out” if memory serves me right… not the most effective combo to my ears, but a solid example of the “no rules” thing going on at the time with tunes! Luckily, this is pretty easy and not too pricey to track down, so well worth it for the A-side alone.

Funky T – The Guvnor

7 Replies to “Funky T – The Guvnor”

  1. Absolute tuneage!

    I used to love this one back in the day.
    I love it even more now.

    Keep up the great work!!!

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