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Darkman – I’m Gonna Get You

I went to post this and noticed I’ve already posted two other Darkman tracks before – his earlier record on Rinse Out right before this, and a tune by an unrelated artist on Sapho (great sparse 92 weirdness). This one is a 95 monster though, though it was released in 96 according to discogs. Most people would know “Dis Sound Ruff” better, as that track was on the AWOL comp, but it’s all about “I’m Gonna Get You” for me. Mad chopped amens, classic vocals (Jocelyn Brown “Love’s Gonna Get You” as used in Snap’s “The Power” and a million billion hardcore jungle tracks), subby bass and, erm, not much else… fairly standard structure but quite effective and well executed 95 style amen business through and through. This one is a bit pricey these days for some reason but not too bad if you keep an eye out…

Darkman – Im Gonna Get You

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