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Mr Sav’s Jungle Techno and Gramophone Record Radio Show

Normally I don’t really post mixes here unless they’re specially done for the blog, but here’s a fun one I’ve enjoying lately. Thanks to Nebbers for pointing me to this and Mr Sav for making it! For those more, erm, oldskool of you online oldskool anoraks (mailing list / geocities / angelfire type site days), you’ll remember DJ Sav from the quite cool but sadly defunct SAV’S JUNGLE TEKNO ZONE site. His mixes are chock full of the kind of nice obscure small label/no label tunes I love to feature on this blog, mixed with ancient 78 records and tastefully sparse humorous commentary / narration. Definitely something different from the vast majority of oldskool mixes out there, which is a big plus for me these days.

This episode has some white labels in it which have been featured on the blog, like the 2 white boyz “mum said”… There’s also a track I’ve been meaning to post not because it’s great, but because it’s quite possibly one of the most difficult tunes for me to listen to in all of hardcore. In fact, I’m going to make an exception to posting stuff I like an actually post this tune a bit later today since it’s almost fascinating to me how tough it is to listen to part of it…. in the meantime though, check out this SAV mix!

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