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The Mover (PCP) returns?

Ryanopticon just forwarded me this new youtube video which appears to be a new track by The Mover… aka Alien Christ/White Breaks/a million others, not to mention the owner of PCP records. The last record I got from him was this EP on Tresor back in 2002, which was pretty quality. The next year he collaborated with Scooter on a track, which I assumed meant he was done making good music forever. However, this video says otherwise:

The youtube page also includes an mp3 link to the track:

Maybe this doesn’t fit under the typical hardcore-jungle subject matter of this blog, but anyone into classic techno/rave/4/4 hardcore stuff should be familiar with the amazing work of PCP/Cold Spring records. At the very least, check out some of the Frankfurt Trax comps which have a great sellection of Acardipane’s tracks.

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