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Cris B – Mind, Body & Soul (DJ Hype Remix)

Here’s a tune that lay dormant in my collection for quite a while, unnoticed until someone sent me an additional copy as a “bonus” as part of a recent order. Getting the new copy made me take another listen and, damn if it isn’t a nice little tune!! This DJ Hype remix may not be the craziest, most mashed up track, or darkest, or the most raucous rudeboy jungle anthem…. but it IS a nice, vibey, spacious tune that’s just fun to play and listen to. The samples are nice and familiar: “let no man put asunder” acapella, one of “those synths” used in a bunch of big tracks, nicely layered breaks (sesame street and a few more) nicely chopped but still leaving plenty of room for other elements, and punchy sub bass. Definitely not the most anthemy tune by DJ Hype from the time, but an excellent one that is fun to spin and fits well with a lot of other tracks.

Cris B – Mind, Body & Soul (DJ Hype Remix)

4 Replies to “Cris B – Mind, Body & Soul (DJ Hype Remix)”

  1. first thing that came to mind was that this sounds like an early version of what 4hero were trying to do on the first disc of the Two Pages album, only with ruffer less organic break work. very nice indeed

  2. Interesting to hear that sample at 3:24 which Hype would go on to use for the whole intro of Peace, Love & Unity Remix three years later. I wonder if he got it off Cris B.

  3. Yeah, the original 12″ of this is a stone cold classic, really classy tunes, I did hear he was only 16 when he made it too.

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