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Silver Fox – Dread By Dawn EP

I think someone mentioned this EP in the comments of this site a few years back – it’s a really solid 4-tracker of darkside stuff, on a relatively small label (Three Scars only did one other EP, with DJ Pilgrim). While there’s nothing incredibly different going on here, all tracks have that nice combo of choppy breaks and dark atmospheric samples, somewhat along the lines of Intense’s ‘Genesis Project” or “Paradox” EPs. The track featured here is actually the B2 track, but in my opinion is the strongest (both break-work-wise and melody-wise). Nice sinister breakdown partway through and again towards the end… definitely one to file alongside your Intense and Love Dove Jay stuff! The artist behind this did a number of other jungle + drum n bass EPs, including this ragga jungle one which I suppose might be considered a tune if you don’t mind the buju acapella/lyrics (which I kinda do)

Silver Fox – The Dawndest Thing

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  1. I want this EP in the worst way. Ripped the 3 other tunes off youtube today just so i can listen to them all the time. Thanks for posting, now if only someone on discogs would comply with a decent copy for sale for not at a ransom price.

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