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Alec Empire – Bass Terror 2CD reissue (AIFF downloads)

Alec Empire just posted up uncompressed AIFFs of the “Bass Terror” 2CD reissue of his early tracks, including stuff off the original “Bass Terror” EP, the Suecide EPs, etc. Absolutely essential stuff!!! Grab them before he changes his mind 🙂
Alec Empire – “Bass Terror” by Alec Empire/ ATR

I still need to nab those “suecide” eps on vinyl though…

9 Replies to “Alec Empire – Bass Terror 2CD reissue (AIFF downloads)”

  1. Hi Pete. Thank you for posting this! DHR was my main influence growing up. I haven’t listened to these tracks in soooo long. Some I haven’t even heard…soo good!

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