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Dimension 5 – Deep Bass Nine

Here’s a track I’ve been partial to for a while (you can tell since my copy sounds kind of tatty in the rip), and put in at least one mix a couple of years back. I was just reminded of it when I bought a record off Boykz, the original producer. Bokyz is also known as 1/2 of DJ Distroi and Boykz, who I previously posted tunes by here and here. Plenty of great tunes from those guys (and Boykz solo) between 92-94.
Even though this record is listed as “happy hardcore” on discogs, to me the A side sounds more like 92-94 darkcore – eerie but melodic vocals coupled with more uplifting moments, choppy amens, etc. Not far from what Ratty might have played in 93. Unfortunately, by 1994 the scene had probably already split quite a bit, with happy bouncy stuff on one side (sort of trying to keep the 92 euphoria going), and with ragamuffin jungle on the other side. Not sure where this record would have fit in, as it’s got some euphoric moments (the b side features some nookie-esque pianos and some percussive stabs ala Ron Wells & early Homegrown recs), but all in all is a bit deeper than your average SMD tune. Maybe it’s along the lines of what basement or face records were doing, but a bit more low fi / DIY sounding. Either way, great track, nab it on the cheap if you like it!

Dimension 5 – Deep Bass Nine

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  1. This still seems like something any of the big guys could have been playing in earlier ’94…

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