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Gurn-faced Sundays

Ed Duran x3 sent me this video, some real top shelf gurning here:

Repsect to the guy that comes into frame at 2:10 in the video, Bangface should book you for Weekender!

10 Replies to “Gurn-faced Sundays”

  1. saw this the other day and was utterly transfixed by it. watched it in its entirety, enamored with equal parts hilarity, horror and nostalgia. (lol at the two dudes checking their pulses @ 2:45) god damn, there must have been a lot of sore jaws the next day.

  2. Yeah that part was a fav along with “IRL trollface” guy and the top comment on the youtube video:

    I think some of them may be on´╗┐ ecstasy


    hahaha classic whats really nice is that they all have space to jig about, went to a recent meat beat manifesto gig danceflloor so was so tight couldnt bloody move

  4. Aahhahahahaa – all of them quality, the guy from the beginning with the naughty smile – great days.

  5. Doncaster Warehouse was a crazy club, people were serious about getting on one! They had an old double decker london bus outside as the chillout room, very surreal. Also on the dancefloor they had a giant fan to keep everyone cool!

  6. Hello Pete, what’s the name of the tune that’s being played as soon as the clip starts?
    Great Blog!!!! Keep up the hard work!!!!

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