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Jay Cunning – Old Skool Vol 3 (Jungle Influenced Hardcore 92-93)

I don’t post many oldskool mixes on here because there’s numerous other blogs that already do a far better job of that than I ever could: hardscore, deep inside the oldskool, tape pack sickness, etc. Also, even though I’ve got my favorite old mixes like everyone else, these days I don’t have much time to listen to entire mixes, and usually end up flipping through them for tracks I haven’t heard / rare or unreleased bits (a crap way to listen to them which doesn’t do them justice).

That being said, this just showed up on my facebook feed and looked promising- 58 tracks of prime 92-93 stuff over 60 minutes. Mostly relatively known stuff but definitely not anthem bashing. Done in CDJ/Ableton/Serato, which is not my favorite when it comes to oldskool mixes (gotta be original wax for me, just my personal taste since I still collect the vinyl). Still, listening to it, this mix sounds great, like the DJ put a quite a lot of time into making it. So for those of you less vinyl-retentive than me who have already rinsed all the yaman/dreamscape/fantazia/etc mixes, here’s something new for you:
Jay Cunning – Old Skool Vol 3 (Jungle Influenced Hardcore 92-93) by Jay Cunning / Sub Slayers

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  1. I agree completely about CDJs and oldskool not being a good combination, for some reason I fucking SUCK at playing all my old tunes on cdjs, but i can play bassline or hhc or whatever fine digitally

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