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Kinetic – Dancefloor Justice

Trying to make up for the weeks of lazy posting, here’s another nice tune – this time some stripped down 91 hardcore. This track is way more basic than what I usually like, but it more than does the trick – a simple breakbeat, a catchy vocal sample (“get up, feel the dancefloor justice!”) and an even catchier piano part… good stuff!! I originally thought this was by the Boogie Beat artist Kenetic, but Discogs is claiming it’s by the same guy (Michael Hazell) who did the awesome Golden Girls “Kinetic” EP with Phil Hartnoll of Orbital.

Kinetic – Dancefloor Justice

4 Replies to “Kinetic – Dancefloor Justice”

  1. Hey, I’m pretty new to all this stuff and its blowing my mind. Thank you for this site and all of the uploads you are doing here. Without sites like this and people like you that are willing to showcase music like this, I’d never be able to hear all of this wonderful stuff.

    Just heard tic tac toe for the first time in good quality from your upload…shit was INSANE.

  2. Bought this in a charity shop for £1, got it home and didn’t think that much of it. Might have to dig it out and have another listen methinks. Keep up the good work!

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