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Abstract Minds EP

This is a pretty interesting EP I also picked up in London recently… I’m not sure if it even counts as hardcore, more breakbeat techno stuff. The “Thoughts of Mind” track should sound familiar, i.e. it has the same bell sample as LTJ Bukem “Music”. Originally I saw some threads where people claimed this was the source of the sample. This would make sense given that Discogs and RDB say this single came out in 1991, and “Music” didn’t come out until 1993. However, it seems maybe that sample came from a 3rd source and this track in fact sampled it from “Music” or the original source. The pitched down hihats “burned” into the Bell loop make this seem possible. Also, despite RDB and Discogs claiming the record came out in 1991, I can’t find any “proof” that this single came out then (nothing on the record, other releases by the artist, etc) – it could have just as easily been a slightly later obscurity.

Abstract Minds – Thoughts of Mind
Abstract Minds – Quiet Storm

5 Replies to “Abstract Minds EP”

  1. Unfortunately, the first tune is not as good as ‘Music’.

    Knowing Bukem, Music could have been on dubplate for a long while.

    Where is the original Music sample from?

  2. So Abstract Minds built a time machine, went 2 years into the future, sampled an early dub of The Invisible Man’s Bell Tune, then travelled all the way back to ’91 to press it up and plant the resulting track in the history books without anyone having heard it back then but themselves. Genius!

    The hi-hats fixed to the sample in “Music” (and Peshay’s rework, and Marty McFly’s lame decoy attempt here) are the dead giveaway. Listen very closely to the end of The Bell Tune with said hi hats. Play it very very slowly, listen very carefully and hopefully it’ll bring us all back to reality.

    Another point worthy of note is the Good Looking circa mid nineties style label art on this 100% bogus Abstract Minds release.

    The true sample chain goes like this:

    Morenas is likely the original source of the sample > Frankie Bones likely sampled it from Morenas > then The Invisible Man sampled it from Frankie Bones (Loony Tunes Vol 2 intro) and layered it at 2 different octaves to create the actual bell loop you hear on his track, and of course added the hi-hats over the resulting loop at the end > then Bukem sampled an early dub plate of The Bell Tune including some of those hi-hats that are the dead giveaway, he slowed it down and added some effects > then in the same way as Peshay was later given the raw Inv Man loop to do his rework of “Music”, Abstract Minds would also have used the exact same sample to make their shady decoy, which was blatantly made way beyond 1991.

    Plenty of us knew exactly what happend back then, it was so obvious, and I know The Invisible Man did too, but somehow he always managed to keep a dignified silence.

    However, to find they’re attempting to re-write history with a release like this is beyond the pale, but not at all surprising, to say it takes the proverbial piss is an understatement – thus the reason time is long overdue for the truth to be told.

  3. Wow, I forgot all about this non-controversy controversy. I’ve since learned the truth about this but have been asked to not fully explain it. Suffice to say we’re all wrong, including this reply.

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