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Luke Vibert – Hardcore Hip Hop mix 88-92 (Extended version)

I don’t know how many of you heard Luke Vibert’s UK Hardcore Hiphop 88-92 mix that Planet Mu Records posted a couple months ago, but it’s a great mix full of lots of britcore faves – tracks by Silver Bullet, Gunshot, Blade, etc. Recently, Vibert dug up an extended version of this mix, and passed it to me with the OK to post on this site. Apparently the version posted on mixcloud was just a rough cut he wasn’t totally happy with. This is the final version of the mix which is 20 minutes longer, has better quality rips of the tunes and is higher bitrate than the original version. It’s a great mix, lots of wicked tunes from the well known to some proper obscure stuff I’m not sure if anyone will recognize.

Luke Vibert – Hardcore UK Rap mix 88-92

The file for this is pretty large (>200 megs), so I’ll try to post another copy transcoded down to 128kb tomorrow.

With the original mix posted by planet mu, there was supposed to be a prize for the first person who could identify all the tracks in it. I’m not sure if anyone managed to do this the first time around, so first person to do it with this extended mix should drop me an email at and me or Luke will sort you out with a prize. Enjoy!

17 Replies to “Luke Vibert – Hardcore Hip Hop mix 88-92 (Extended version)”

  1. possibly, depends if Vibert sends it over or if I have the time to write it all out myself…

  2. Lookin forward to this and seeing if I have many of these tracks on wax ! Now lets see if theres any 2 TONE Comittee or RED NINJA….

    REESPEK . DJ Cool C

  3. HEY !!

    fantastic rappy mix from luke !!,
    i’d like to know, what’s the price for the complete playlist ?
    I’m near the end, just less than 10 tracks to find, need to clean my mind, and relisten to it….not really easy….
    send me a mail……
    thanx to post this integral mix, pete, and by the way nice oldskool blog…..

    PEACE !!

  4. no one has sent one, may hit up Vibert soon to see if he wants to hazard a guess + see if I can fill in some of the blanks.

  5. hi,
    i can send you mine, Pete,
    no full tracklist, some missing ones (near 10 i think).
    tell me…

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