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Edge of Darkness – Come Together (After Dark Remix)

Ah, Dave Charlesworth…. nobody else can quite get that unbelievably manic vibe that he manages to on some of his After Dark Records + related releases. I got the original of this recently, but in my opinion this remix is even better. After Dark has got to me one of my all-time favorite labels and this EP is a good example why.

Edge of Darkness – Come Together (After Dark Remix)

9 Replies to “Edge of Darkness – Come Together (After Dark Remix)”

  1. different strokes I guess… main thing I like about this remix is the phaser / door opening in star trek type of sound which drops when the beats finally kick in full force. Original is good too though!

  2. Crazy stuff! What is that vocal sample tho? Im sure Ive heard it in many other tunes… Wickid blog!!!

  3. I am surprised to see you post this one Pete. I would have thought this was too huge an anthem to put up. Classic tune anyway. I have to say that I love the remixes and the original as much as eachother.

    P.S. New mix up on my Mixcloud, and another one on the way.

  4. at this point basically anything not on labels with mp3s for sale on the net (eg no sub base or reinforced or moving shadow) = fair game.

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