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Acro – Sky Lab

Here’s some 93 goodness from Tech Itch & Decoder under the “Acro” alias. “Superpod” is the more well known tune on this, but I prefer this B-side track. “Sky Lab” features a lurvely rolling breakbeat which I wish I could ID.. I do know that this break was also used on N-JOI’s “Drumstruck”. In fact, that tune may have sampled it from the intro to this, because if you listen closely to “Drumstruck” there’s little bits where the pitch shifted portion from the intro to “sky lab” gets layered onto the dry break. Overall, this tune reminds me much more of Decoder’s Orca releases than of any of the early Tech-Itch related releases.

Acro – Superpod

8 Replies to “Acro – Sky Lab”

  1. Hey, this is Skylab, not Superpod as the link says. Top tune either way. I prefer this to Superpod too 😉

  2. yeah, if you look at the heading of the blog entry, I got it right there but was too lazy to change the mp3 / ID3 tag 🙂

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