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Author: Pete

BTTO Radio Sets October 2nd 2016

Here’s the radio sets from the Sunday before last. Tim played some nice vibey stuff to start, then got a bit weirder as it went on. I played a set of darkside, IDM, reversed acidcore, bleep records at 33, house records at 45, etc. Big thanks to FACT Magazine for mentioning my mix!

By the way, in case anyone hasn’t noticed, I’m starting to hide soundcloud + mixcloud embeds behind a “click here for more” button. This is so the front page (which typically contains 5 or more of these) doesn’t take 800 pages to load / break browsers on smartphones etc. I also standardized the audio player to be a non-flash based option. Hopefully more small improvements coming soon for the blog! (if anyone specializes in wordpress design and has some thoughts, feel free to drop me a line).
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Plutone – The Damned II

Here’s a fun 92 tune I’ve been waiting to play in a mix, but since there hasn’t been a good opportunity and no tracks have been posted in a while, I’ll force myself to post it up in full.

I first came across this tune in a mix by the brilliant Chris DJ Sav (RIP). A lot of Chris’ later mixes focused in on super oddball, off kilter tunes with a strong “so wrong it’s right” feel (eg my personal favorite stuff). Plutone’s tunes highlights this well. Despite being released on some slightly more established labels, and seeming to be a relatively big german techno/rave act (I think they were on a big loveparade comp if my memory serves me right), a number of their tunes were super mental sounding, with buzzsaw synths and interesting change-ups. This one in particular goes from a more standard (but harsh) ravey melody, to a sort of brutal atonal pattern that sounds way harsher to me than most 92 stuff of the time… almost more in-line with some dark PCP type thing. Definitely NOT for everyone, but a cool track for those into darker more “out there” hardcore stuff.

Oh yeah, normally I try not to mess with the sound of posted tunes, but I’ve applied some compression to this one since the dynamics always felt a bit off to me…certain parts sounding way louder than others. Hope it doesn’t ruin it for anyone, but it definitely makes it a bit of a smoother listen for me.

Plutone – The Damned II

Dev/Null – BTTO Radio Sept 5 2016 – Easygroove Tribute Set

Here’s my Easygroove tribute from last Sunday.. I wanted to wait a few more days to post it, but a couple people were asking for a download on facebook. This was the first time I’ve tried streaming video of the set live on Facebook, and while response was a let down while it was going on (maybe 1-3 people tuned in max at any given time?), the archived video has gone on to get a decent response… so maybe I’ll try it again next show 🙂

Speaking of which, Here’s the video stream archived if anyone wants to watch boring footage of my hands pitching records up and down for an hour.

As with Tim’s set, this was a tribute to a favorite DJ, featuring all tracks he used to play and a lot of “signature” tracks. For this Easygroove set, I mainly focused on tracks he played a few times OR personal favorites he played which not many other (if any) djs played. You can tell it’s a bit biased towards the Fantazia NYE 92-93 set since that’s my favorite set of all time, but there’s plenty of other great tunes in there.

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Tim Reaper – BTTO Radio Sept 5 2016 – LTJ Bukem Tribute Set

Here’s Tim’s absolutely wicked LTJ Bukem Tribute set from Sunday’s BTTO Radio show. For this show, we decided to each take a personal favorite DJ and play tracks which they used to play in the 92-95 era. I took Easygroove, and Tim took LTJ Bukem. The tracklisting for his Bukem tribute says it all, absolutely chock full of only the most top tier classics from that era. Tim even included a reconstruction of the track Photek – “Feeling Up” which Bukem used to play on dub but which was never released.
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A Not-So-Brief History of Oldskool Hardcore Reissues

Recently, there was a heavily shared piece written by Ian McQuaid of the “Ransom Note” website regarding Oldskool Hardcore Reissues. The article focused entirely on two individuals / labels who seem to have been doing the largest number of reissues as of late: Robin of Stay on Target, and DJ Jedi of Jedi Recordings. I’m friendly with both Robin and Jedi, and have huge respect for Simon Underground who is handling the pressing and distro side of Robin’s releases – full support to their releases. However, the article focused only on these two people in the present and completely neglected to mention anyone else involved past or present with these type of releases – some of who have already reissued some of the tracks discussed in the piece. Since I’ve been buying these reissues from the time they started (and really relied on them early on since I didn’t have the cash for original presses of many records), I think it’s important to try to document the history of these type of releases: when and where they started, who the main movers and shakers were, and how the releases changed over the years in format/sales.

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Manna & Robbaman – Bam Diddly

These days, it feels like it’s getting rarer and rarer to find an early 90’s jungle or hardcore related record without any audio online or without a bunch of the “usual suspects” liking and posting about it. Here’s one EP which is a notable exception, made even more surprising by the fact that it was reissued on a rather large label (R&S Records). I’m guessing lots of other people have missed this one since it’s listed as “trip hop / ambient” despite having a jungle/hardcore feel to the tunes. Despite coming out in 95, it’s got a bit more of a 92 dubby, off kilter, ragga hardcore feel – the tunes are quite far from standard polished 95 ragga jungle, sounding a bit more like the Mazaruni stuff I posted a while back. So maybe ‘jungle dub” is the right genre for this? The artists behind it seemed to have done a fair bit of succesful downtempo / ambient / dubby stuff, which most likely explains the style associated with this release. Certainly an interesting obscurity to check out!

Since there wasn’t any audio online, rather than posting one mp3 here I decided to post all the tracks on youtube.

Tykal – В Россию с любовью (To Russia with Love) Mix

It’s been a while since I posted something focused on International Jungle. Luckily, Ricky / Tykal recently sent me this mix he did of all early Jungle/DNB from Russia. For those of you who don’t know Tykal, he’s been a source of knowledge in jungle forums (mainly but not exclusively ragga jungle-centric) for 15 years now, as well as running the ragga jungle label Trinity Don Recordings and busy trading tunes online on soulseek etc. Ricky was one of the early people I remember packing 2000 era mixes full of seriously obscure 90’s jungle stuff, lots of which wasn’t a big deal at the time but has since gone on to be very pricey and hard to find. Also, he ran a nice blog for a while giving away tons of record rips… most of the links are probably dead by now but there’s still some very nice write ups and killer mixes on there.

I’ll admit, I wasn’t 100% sure at first whether to post this mix. While it’s interesting to hear and there’s some really cool tunes in it, some of the tracks earlier in the mix sound later than most of the music I post on BTTO, almost more like pop music with dnb backing beats. Still, when was the last time you listened to a bunch of 90’s jungle meets Russian pop music? You’re certainly not going to her another mix this week like this one!! Big respect to Tykal for digging all these up, also big respect to Gorn and all Russian Junglists / VK Jungle Crew. I’d be happy to post a part 2 sometime if one of you wants to do it.
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Drumatix – Crank Dis

Thanks to everyone who locked in on Sunday! As much as I want to post the sets up ASAP, I’ll give you a couple of nice tunes first, starting with this wicked 92 track by Rennie Pilgrim and (I assume) his brother. For me, this tune is all about the main breakbeat. It seems like, just a few years after this (94), everyone was mainly focusing on think, amen, sesame street and maybe 2-3 more “acceptable” breakbeats in various combinations. But in earlier tunes like this, you often had a wider variety of breaks present, including the main one which comes in 14 seconds in and ends up being layered with a classic amen variant. Perhaps this is because some of those earlier breaks might not scale up or sound as good when pitched to 165-170 bpm. Regardless, it’s certainly nice hearing them in this context. Aside from the breakbeat, this tune is chock full of classic rave stabs and samples that sort of careen from part to part. There’s not much in the way of subtle flow and delicate songwriting, just banging (and cheap!) 92 hardcore that is well worth checkingt.

Drumatix – Crank Dis