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Radio Show Archive 04.03.18

Sunday, 4th of March was another edition of the BTTO Radio Show and it was a stomper, both hours were lethal beyond a doubt, so much so that I edited my recordings that same night just to play them in the office next day. Blessings to everyone who tuned it and joined in chat.

  Pete took the first hour and went in from the top, but as a treat gave us some obscure ones later on. My picks from the mix are “Flex & Fats – Mindblowing” and “Dead Man’s Chest – Acid Inna Dancehall” plus the last tune forthcoming was madders.
  Tim took the second hour and not to be outdone, went in hard and heavy from the start. Live listeners got a little ear “treat” from Tim, those who know know, cause the uploaded version doesn’t contain that. My picks from the mix are “Jaz Klash – ’67” and “Tim Reaper – Lanterns VIP”.

Pete DevNull 4th March 2018:

Red Light – Wake Up [forthcoming Deep Jungle]
Dub One – What Goes Around [forthcoming Foundation X]
Dead Man’s Chest – Acid Inna Dancehall [Diamond Life]
DJ Redoo – Rise + Shine (Remix) [Smokin Drum]
Coco Bryce – ??
Champa B – The Threshold [Scientific Wax]
?? – ?? [forthcoming 8205-006]
Cleanhead – Obsession [Ruffian]
Bizzy B feat MC Fats – All Lighter Massive
Orca – Liar [Lucky Spin]
Flex & Fats – Mindblowing
?? – ??
Swift + Zinc – Desire (Z Mix) [2000 AD]
Mental Power – Dream Sequence [Formation]
Equinox – Badman Style [forthcoming Scientific Wax]
Peter Darker – Soul Calibur [forthcoming Seventh Storey Project]
Unknown Artist – Untitled [Not on Label]
Bay B Kane – Attack [Kikman]
?? – ?? [forthcoming LuckyMuffin/GBW]
?? (pitched up techno)
DJ Hype – Weird Energy (Hell’s Bells Mix) [Suburban Base]
Tight Control – Storm Trooper [Bear Necessities]
?? [forthcoming 8205-005]

Tim Reaper 4th March 2018:

DJ Trace – Coffee (Full Of Flavor Mix)
Citadel Of Kaos – Drums Of Justice
Tim Reaper – Lanterns VIP
Spring Heel Jack – Oceola
FFF – Never Let You Fall
Phineus II – ??
Sonar’s Ghost – David’s Flower
J Majik – Hard Distance
Mighty Diamonds – Phenomenon One (Original Ruff)
?? – ??
Eze-G – Is This Music
?? – ??
Ratty – Bouncing
?? – ??
Subnation – Scottie (Remix)
Peter Darker – The Hunter
On Remand – Controllin’ (Tango Remix)
Jaz Klash – ’67
Unknown – Jungle Raider
Bay B Kane – The Voice
Bizzy B – Sit Pon Riddim

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