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Radio Show Archive 10.12.17

Sunday 10th December we had finally an edition of the BTTO Radio Show where everything went as it should have, 2 months straight we had various troubles. In 2 weeks time there most likely will be a recorded set as it’s the Holidays, but look out for announcements on our twitter.

  Tim Reaper took the first hour and gave us plenty of fresh tunes. My picks from the mix are “Dwarde & Tim Reaper – ??” and “Red One – Alive ‘N’ Kickin”.
  Pete DevNull took the second hour with tunes he found on his latest trip to the UK, so there were plenty of bangers and classic obscurities. My picks from the mix are “DJ D – She Wants a 24/7” and “Mind Rise – See How it Sounds”.

Tim Reaper 10th Dec 2017:

Mysteron – U Don’t Know
Dub Technicians – Mindscape
Substance & DJ Dazee – Crazy Horse
Tim Reaper – Sound Business
Roni Size – Fresh (Mask Remix)
?? – ??
Coco Bryce – ??
Red One – Alive ‘N’ Kickin
Studio Pressure – Touching Down … Planet Photek
Fallen Angels – Taken Over
?? – ??
Phineus II – ??
Hope & Bones – Ali Baba
Macka Brown & Robbie Craig – Slow Down
Dwarde & Tim Reaper – ??
Voyager – Long Distance (Promised Land VIP)
Aeon Flux – Reality (Alternate Reality Mix)
Dead Dred – Danger Zone
New Jack Pimps – Good Times
?? – ??
Tim Reaper – ??
The Sorcerer – Temperatures Rising

Pete DevNull 3rd Sept 2017:

DJ D – She Wants a 24/7
Wishdokta – River of Dreams
RJ – Don’t Do it Remix
DJ Lee – Want Your Love
Repo – Hacker
Unknown – Globex 004
Harmony + Xtreme – Untitled
EQ – Void of Xtacy Remix
Mind Rise – See How it Sounds
DJ Joker – The Damaja
Austin M – Something Out There
White Lightning – So Many Tears
Embee – Niceness
DJ Stretch – Soundclash
DJ Ron Canaan Land
The Misusers – X-Stacey
Unknown – Soran EP

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