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Radio Show Archive 26.11.17 “BTTO Takeover”

  First order of business is an apology, because We got some things mixed up and it was a timeslot swap between BTTO Radio and Beautifully Crafted, not as previously stated 4 hour takeover. It’s was lovely to see so many headz turn up, almost broke the BTTO listener record:D.
Enough of that, let’s get to the b2b2b mix, as there were some internet issues on Sunday Pete uploaded the studio mix with only the introduction part edited in. That means no shoutouts, but you get to enjoy the mix in full glory. The mix features our own Tim Reaper and Pete DevNull and the legendary DJ Harmony of Lucky Spin, Moving Shadow and Section 5. He also runs the Dubplates Vinyls soundcloud and check out his label Deep Jungle.
  Not going to pick my favorite time stamps from the mix as the whole mix is fire and all would be Lees dubplates. I do however recommend a good subwoofer for the listening.

      Enjoy the mix!

DJ Harmony / Tim Reaper / Devnull – BTTO Radio November 26th 2017:

There is no tracklist as there is a ridiculous amount of dubplates in the mix.

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