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Dev/Null – BTTO Radio Sept 5 2016 – Easygroove Tribute Set

Here’s my Easygroove tribute from last Sunday.. I wanted to wait a few more days to post it, but a couple people were asking for a download on facebook. This was the first time I’ve tried streaming video of the set live on Facebook, and while response was a let down while it was going on (maybe 1-3 people tuned in max at any given time?), the archived video has gone on to get a decent response… so maybe I’ll try it again next show 🙂

Speaking of which, Here’s the video stream archived if anyone wants to watch boring footage of my hands pitching records up and down for an hour.

As with Tim’s set, this was a tribute to a favorite DJ, featuring all tracks he used to play and a lot of “signature” tracks. For this Easygroove set, I mainly focused on tracks he played a few times OR personal favorites he played which not many other (if any) djs played. You can tell it’s a bit biased towards the Fantazia NYE 92-93 set since that’s my favorite set of all time, but there’s plenty of other great tunes in there.


  1. Brainstorm Crew – The Storm [F Project]
  2. Cosmic Brian – Hardcore Helmet [Ruff Quality]
  3. Aurora – Shaun’s Revenge [Aurora]
  4. DJ Sparks – Assylum [YAW]
  5. EZE G – Me Want Sound [Unnatural Light]
  6. DJ Crystl – Drop XTC [Lucky Spin]
  7. Rotating Heads – What Have You Done? [Wide Eye Records]
  8. Goldseal Tribe – Goldrush 160 [Goldseal Recordings]
  9. Mega City 2 – I Still Dream [Extra Terrestrial]
  10. Wriggler Bascombe – Final Battle [One Nation]
  11. Norman – The Big Deal [Influence]
  12. Freestyle & DJR – Ten 44 [Awesome]
  13. Hi-Fi Power – Chill Out Remix [Soundman]
  14. DJ Seduction – Solid Bass [Obscure]
  15. The Last Crusaders – Positive Reaction [Formation]
  16. Demo & Poet – Welcome to my Nightmare [Boom Tune Records]
  17. Under Rhythm – Moving [Booby Trap]
  18. Saucer Crew – Andromeda [Holy Ghost Inc]
  19. Cortae – Short Term Memory Loss (Mix 2) [Not on Label]
  20. Bay B Kane – Mystro B1 [Not on Label]
  21. DJ Nasty V & DJ Ezee D – Chill & Destroy [Big Giant]
  22. Easygroove – Wicked Ones [WTP]
  23. Tom & Jerry – Physics [Tom & Jerry]
  24. Kanata – Soul [Psychoactive]
  25. HIM – White Sports [Bash]
  26. Alec Empire – Bass Terror [Force Inc]

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