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TDK Revisited

Back in 2009, I posted a couple of tracks by the excellent TDK (of Brain Records) fame. At least I thought they were all by him – unbeknownst to me, one of the tunes was actually by a completely unrelated producer. Huge thanks to Tony/Justice for pointing this out and filling me in about this release:

My man Tony TDK Kerr from Luton wrote the tracks. He was from a sound system called Lovelite, hence the artist name. They were originally a soul and reggae sound system and switched up during the advent of rave and hardcore to cater for these styles and became largely responsible in the Luton and surrounding areas for championing this burgeoning scene. I became friends with TDK around 90-91 after DJ-ing in a club called The Grid, which is in Luton and went on to DJ at other Lovelite related do’s as well as form Bullet Proof Vinyl and release TDK’s one and only foray into production.

Furthermore, Tony (Justice) also went on to say “he [Tony TDK] was integral in my early years of DJing and production”, no small compliment.

Since a lot of you might have missed this tune the first time around, here it is again:

TDK & Love Lite Crew – Ooh Sex (What’s That Mix)

4 Replies to “TDK Revisited”

  1. Both Tracks were written by me Hooligan wrote the half of the beats 4×4 recordings all samples on the a side were produced by me… PEACE AND CLARIFYING THE DETAILS..

  2. Also the other TDK was in London he was doing stuff with bizzy b we all cut at music house and LTJ BUKEM AND MICKY FINN WERE RINSING THE A SIDE ON DUB HEAVILLY….we both co-existed as producer and dj producer but I have been known for the old skool rave dnb and garage scenes as i also used to promote…
    I’ll be back for the nu stuff….

  3. I remember TDK from Luton where I am from and he was quite prolific locally in the local scene which was really good back in the day. He had quite a few radio shows on the various pirate stations in town.
    I initially thought the Brain Records guy was him – but learnt they were two different people when I played alongside Bizzy B – TDK was his MC for a while. He used to DJ as well.

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