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Devnull – BTTO Radio August 23rd 2015

Here’s my set from Sunday, rerecorded since I forgot to record it during the show (doh! reformatted PC and forgot to install stream ripping software – sorting that for next show, I promise)
Lots of dark and moody 93-94 stuff, including a bunch of fresh (re)releases still available for sale, which are linked to below.


  1. Skanna – This Way [Keeping Vinyl Alive]
  2. Ominous – Clairvoyance
  3. DJ Sy – Too Much Sense [Jedi Recordings]
  4. Cool Hand Flex – Let It Rip [U No Dat]
  5. Easy M – The Power Within [Global Syndicut]
  6. Lewi & Brainkillers – Crackhead [Vibe Alive]
  7. Siege – Deep (Part 1) [Soundscape]
  8. Jumpin Jack Frost – Pornography [F Project]
  9. Studio II – Beware
  10. Static Substance – Mind Games [Impact]
  11. DJ Exodus – Ear My Sound [Skeleton]
  12. Tunnel Vision – Dark Secrets [Labello Blanco]
  13. Grooverider – Inta Style
  14. Truper – Vol 1A [Basement Reissue]
  15. Jack Smooth & Wax Doctor – New Direction 93 mix [Basement]
  16. Lee + Tango – Solutions [Legend]
  17. Light & Dark – Phantasy (Dark Mix) [Deep Seven] -thanks to Eddie Timewarp for requesting this during the show
  18. Justice – Sooth My Soul (Bay B Kane Remix) [Whitehouse]
  19. Section 47 – Bumbo Claat [Tera]
  20. Truper – 3A [Basement Reissue]
  21. Rhythm For Reasons – The Love Statement [Formation]
  22. Fat Controller – In Complete Darkness [Uphoria Records]

Devnull – BTTO Radio August 24th 2015 by Devnull on Mixcloud

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