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Elis Dee feat Tera – Can’t Believe It’s Real

Here’s a personal favorite from 1993. Ellis Dee really killed it from 92-95: the Ellis Dee Project, Rhythm Section stuff, those Whitehouse + related jungle eps. This is one of my favorites, done in conjunction with Tera aka Tobie of Serial Killaz. It was quite hard to pick a side to post – the flip is a choice extremely dark and moody 93 amen track. But this tune’s got to be the one – the break and feel are just a bit more distinctive and it sits nicely between either dark or melodic tunes.

Using the same sample as Potential Badboy – “Work the Box” (possibly sampling from it? someone please clue me in) but adding more elements on top including a little nice melody and a vocal sample saying “I, I can’t believe it’s real, I can’t believe it’s happening”. It’s pretty overlooked in comparison to some of his other 93-95 singles which can fetch a bit of cash, so well worth nabbing if you like your 93s.

Ellis Dee Feat Tera – Can’t Believe It’s Real

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