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DJing @ BASSTOWN in Boston Saturday Jan 28th

Just a note that I’m spinning at the Boston electronic bi-weekly BASSTOWN next Saturday. They’ve asked me to vary my set up, so it won’t be all oldschool. Instead I am going to largely be dropping some newer stuff which is congruent with, but not identical to, what normally gets played at BASSTOWN… sort of my favorite underrated bits of that stuff plus some older classic dance tracks I think anyone could appreciate. I’ll definitely be sneaking it back to real oldskool when I get a chance, depending on crowd response.

The DJs at Basstown are easily some of the best and most solid DJs in Boston. Volvox is a killer minimal DJ and staunch (earlier) oldskool fan. Die Young is a highly skilled DJ that also made thousands of Boston residents lose their friggin minds last New Year’s Eve. Morgan Louis (not a Basstown resident but also playing that night) is wicked and plays some unexpected gems…he also played that New Year’s eve party.

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