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RJ – Oriental Sunrise

Here’s an cool tune from the Boogie Beat / Hi Pois’n camp which has been stuck in my head a bit recently. Despite being from 93, it’s got nice crunchy 92 style production, with flanged/short delayed beats (think + “fools gold” aka the stone roses edit of hotpants), and a melody which I’m guessing is either from a video game or this cheesy looking new age album (can’t find clips to confirm). Overall this EP is fun and worth nabbing, not as sharp and pristine sounding as some of the big label stuff of the time but it retains that raw energy that much of the good 92/93 stuff seems to have. RJ also did another single on Boogie Beat which I’ve never heard, and a wicked EP on Labello Blanco which I’ve never managed to nab / don’t see for sale much.

RJ – Oriental Sunrise

2 Replies to “RJ – Oriental Sunrise”

  1. Thanks for sharing this one!!! 🙂 Been searching it for ages, but without an ID it was pretty hard! So far it only stuck in my head as ‘that pan flute track’.

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