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In-Side – Walking Around… Definite Steps

Along the lines of my International Hardcore jungle mix I posted a while ago, here’s a really unknown Swedish track. Aside from Dragonfly (who has everyone beat), this is probably the earliest Swedish breakbeat/hardcore track I’ve heard. As such, it’s pretty rough around the edges, but it’s got a great collection of fun and beyond-classic samples, without sounding like a cheap megamix. It sort of encapsulates that “grab a bunch of parts of tunes you think are wicked, chuck em in a sampler and see what happens” ethos that helped form the basis of hardcore. In this track, those samples include:

  • Horns from the Stalag Riddim (used in Tango – Tango Project)
  • Vocals from Black Box “Everybody Everybody” acapella (as used in Noise Factory “Set Me Free”)
  • “Yeahhhh” sample from Afrika Bambaataa “Planet Rock”, as used all over the place
  • Drum fill from ???? (some classic dancehall I think?), as used in Top Buzz’s Anthill Mob remix and many more tunes

Plus familiar bleeps and stabs, solid breaks, etc. In-Side went on to do a couple more nice hc/jungle tracks in 94/95, his tunes on Nordik Rave and the Fluid Sampler EP are quality.

In-Side – Walking Around Definite Steps

7 Replies to “In-Side – Walking Around… Definite Steps”

  1. You’ve categorised it as a 95 tune, is that a typo or was it really released in 95? sounds more 92 but you did get the odd 92 style tune even in the mid 90s to be fair

  2. The track was made in the shift between 92-93. The name of the track is actually “walking around…definite steps” (“on the right side…” is on the flipside). Thanks for recognising the track. And yes me and my crew back then made it.

  3. cool, thanks for the heads up, not sure if my copy has labels on the correct side. Big respect for writing it, and for the later jungle tracks on Fluid.

    Track name and link have been corrected

  4. Heya Tariq, think it says 1993 not 1995? def didn’t mean to say 95, maybe you’re looking at the “barry” “terry” tune below it?

  5. Great track this! I’m the only person to my knowledge that has used this in a mix, a very under the radar tune (sadly) and one not to be overlooked in this day and age of ‘accessibility’.

    Wicked track though 🙂

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