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Blog to the Oldskool Radio Dec 14th: A-Z of 93 special

Here’s my set from Sunday’s show, rerecorded without the annoying banter and mic feedback. Also because my stream ripper crashed (as usual).

27 tracks in 58 mins, all from 93, all vinyl, mixed in alphabetical order by artist name. A lot more classics this time, not much nerdy stuff!


4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse – Drowning in Her
Acro – Skylab
Bounty Killaz – Silent Voices
Criminal Minds – One Way System
Digitech (Dillinja) – Imperial Stix
EQ – Void Of Xtasy
Foul Play – Screwface
Gappa G + Hyper Hyper – Information Center
Hyper On Experience – Thunder Grip
Intense – White Doctor Groove
Johnny Jungle – Flammable (Original Mix)
Kev Bird + Wax Doctor – On a roll
Lemon D – Parazone
M-D-Emm – Energy Rush (Unity FM Mix)
Noise Factory – Come Inside
Orca – Rain of Drums
Pilgrim + Ned Ryder – Face of the Deep
Q-Bass – Funky Dope Track
Remarc – Help Me
Studio Pressure – Jump MK 2
Tom + Jerry – All Alone wid Dog Face
Underworld – The Rising
Vertigo – Caution
Whitehouse Crew – Anonymous
Xenophobia – Rise of The Phoenix
Young Free Radical – Slipstream
Zookeeper’s Revenge – Earth Shake

Hopefully Tim’s A-Z of 94 set will follow. Tim, get off your butt and (re)record it!!

2 Replies to “Blog to the Oldskool Radio Dec 14th: A-Z of 93 special”

  1. I’m having a big 93 throwback obsession atm so this is perfect, THANK YOU!

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